PoolRx White (original) – 2 bundle

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Quick Overview:
  • Treats 2500 – 5000 gallons
  • Simplifies Pool Care
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Active Ingredients:

• Copper Sulphate Pentahydrate (chelated): 52.8%
• Other Ingredients: 47.2%



Treats gallons

2500 – 5000

Use for



2 bundle



Maintain normal pool chemistry ranges:
Residential Chlorine (ppm) min. 0.5 - 1.0
Commercial Chlorine (ppm) 1.0 - 5.0
- pH 7.2 - 7.8
- Alkalinity 80 - 120
- Cyanuric Acid 10 - 80

• Replace the Poolrx unit in basket every 12 months.

• If algae is coming back or the water looks dull you know it’s time to add PoolRx booster minerals.

• Add a PoolRx booster after 4-6 Months if needed.

• No need for phosphate removers, algaecides, clarifiers.

• PoolRx is not compatible for use with bromine or biguanides.

• Do not add Cal-Hypo products directly to your pool. Cal-Hypo products must be diluted prior to adding to your pool.

Latest reviews

  1. Daniel Cavanaugh (Verified Purchase)

    This product was an absolute pool saver. I was skeptical and though id lost the battle to green water. I loterally received the product on saturday and by sunday morning my pool was crystal clear! The day i put the product in my pool was so green i could not see the bottom at all. I have pictures to prove this!

  2. Virginia H. (Verified Purchase)

    PoolRX is the only thing that will keep our pool from turning green in the summers in Houston Texas it is incredibly hot and incredibly humid all summer long and the pool RX keeps our water crystal clear we buy them every year and we tell everybody about them thank you so much!

  3. Nancy Pustejovsky (Verified Purchase)

    Had to send several emails because I couldn’t get anyone to answer the phone. And not enough instructions on the package. Put units both in at the same time, leave them in the entire time…etc! Needs more instructions to avoid having to call in… only way to communicate is through email…I want to be able to speak to a representative makes things easier. Made my pool water cloudy!

  4. Frank Greco (Verified Purchase)

  5. Amanda T. (Verified Purchase)

    Pool looks incredible and so easy to maintain!!! Will definitely buy again next year!!

  6. Mary W. (Verified Purchase)

    Within 12 hours our pool is clear. We’ve struggled to get it clear for weeks.

  7. Patricia Wallace (Verified Purchase)

    Pool rx has worked great !! Getting ready to close pool for season.

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