Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve shared some of most frequently asked questions to help you.

I see PoolRx is an EPA Registered Algaecide, but is it safe for my family and pets?

PoolRx has been tested by the stringent safety testing guidelines of the FIFRA. PoolRx is a EPA Registered algaecide approved for sale Federally and by individual states in the United States. When PoolRx is used as directed, PoolRx is completely safe for you and your family and pets. Additionally when using PoolRx you can reduce the amount of chlorine you use by about 50% and eliminate the use of all other specialty chemicals.

Is it safe for my dog / cat etc. to drink the pool water?

Yes. If your pets drink the water from the pool, they will be fine. As pet lovers ourselves, please don’t have your pool be the only source of drinking water for your pets. Thank you. FYI. Your pets would typically (depending on size) need to drink 20-30 gallons a day, consistently to ingest excessive amounts of our minerals when used as directed. FYI. Typically, any excess copper that is ingested leaves the body through normal means of going to the bathroom.

I placed the unit in the skimmer or pump basket, and I noticed some blue stuff coming out of it? Is this normal?

Yes. The minerals are packed inside the specially treated alloy cylinder in the PoolRx unit. The minerals are blue-ish in color and start dissolving immediately when placed in water. That is why it’s important to run the pump after install for at least 3-4 hours (longer is even better) so all the minerals can dissolve completely into solution and circulate properly.

After I installed the unit, a few hours later I noticed all the mineral are gone from the unit? Is that normal?

Yes. The minerals dissolve completely and immediately out of the unit and into solution throughout the entire body of water. The minerals DO NOT slowly dissolve over time like chlorine tablet. They dissolve typically within a few hours based on flow over the unit, and form a stable residual eliminating and preventing all types of algae.

I installed PoolRx a few days ago, but still see the blue minerals are not completely dissolved. Why is that?

It could be due to flow over the unit. If you place it in your skimmer basket, but there was not strong suction, the minerals could take longer to dissolve. Also, in very rare cases, check the plastic outer shell. If the holes are not perforated all the way through on the top and bottom of Plastic outer shell, take a screwdriver and poke them through. This will allow the minerals to dissolve out easier. (This delay in dissolving completely does not affect the product, or longevity, it’s only a delay in seeing the results.)

Can I test for the PoolRx minerals in the water?

No. The minerals are uniquely chelated. This is one of the things that sets us apart from other copper-based products. Our chelation protects our minerals at a molecular level, so they DO NOT fall out of solution and stain the pool due to overoxidation or pH fluctuations. Because of this chelation, if you test for copper after using PoolRx, you will not get an accurate or consistent reading. So, if you think you have copper coming into the water from some other source, (well water, old copper plumbing, old copper heat exchanger that is leaching copper in the water, other copper based products, etc.) be sure to TEST for Copper first. If you are at 0.2ppm or less, it’s OK to use PoolRx. If above that 0.2ppm, resolve those issues before using PoolRx. Once you have PoolRx in the water your copper reading will not be reliable untile 6 months later when the PoolRx minerals have been up and filtered out.

Can I use other copper-based products, with PoolRx?

No, Do not use other copper based products with PoolRx. (You won’t need to, but more importantly, you don’t want to saturate the water) If your copper reading before adding PoolRx is at 0.2ppm or less, it’s OK to add PoolRx. If above 0.2ppm then address that issue first before installing PoolRx. Note: PoolRx is adding the right amount of specially chelated copper, at the right time, the minerals are rejuvenated when they pass over the specially treated alloy cylinder and the minerals are used up and filtered out over time, so we never get to a saturation point when used as directed. Keep in mind, if you do saturate the water, it won’t be the chelated minerals that fall out do to pH fluctuation or over oxidation, it will be the free non chelated copper that will cause the problem. Once PoolRx is ‘in solution’ it will not ‘fall out’. Understand that if you ‘overdose’ the pool with PoolRx, the minerals will not have room to dissolve ‘into solution’ and can stay in granular form. They will settle to the bottom or stick to the scale. (See question 12 and 25)

If I can’t test for PoolRx minerals in the water, then how do I know when to add more with a PoolRx Booster?

1. Time: It’s been 4-6 months since you first installed PoolRx.
2. Your chlorine demand goes back up to where it was prior to installing PoolRx.
3. Your water is cloudy, or you start to see algae

Note: Because a small amount of minerals are still working in the water you will notice a gradual change over about a two week period. This gives you plenty of time to add a booster or new PoolRx unit. Reminder: The minerals are used up from Algae kill, backwashing filter cleaning and splash out. The more these factors happen, the shorter the lifespan of the minerals.

What is a PoolRx Booster?

A PoolRx booster is 8oz. of the PoolRx minerals. It can support 7.5K-20K gallons.
Booster minerals are used for the following:
1. Longer seasons (beyond 4-6 months)
2. Tough conditions (the harder the minerals work, the shorter the lifespan)
3. Green Pools (the minerals get used up from Algae kill, backwashing/filter cleanings, so you will likely need to add a booster before 6 months)
4. Larger Pools (you need to have the right amount of minerals in the water based on total gallons, so the chemistry works.) See sizing chart.

*Whether purchased as a part of a PoolRx unit or as Booster the minerals are the exact same formula and will
do the exact same thing. These minerals completely dissolve into solution within a few hours of being placed in
your skimmer or pump basket and form a residual throughout the pool water for up to 6 months. Over the 6-
month period you will lose these minerals through algae kill, filter cleanings and splash out. In order to keep the
PoolRx minerals active for up to 6 months, you must also have the PoolRx cylinder in the water. Without making
contact with the cylinder, the minerals will lose their effectiveness within 2-4 weeks of install.

Why is it important to start with a clean filter?

The PoolRx minerals inside the PoolRx unit (and/or the Booster minerals) are in a granular form before they dissolve. If the filter is dirty, the minerals get caught up on the dirty filter and don’t dissolve through. If this happens, you don’t get enough mineral in solution in the water and you won’t get the results we advertise.

Why is it important to size the pool properly?

As with all pool products that depend on chemistry, sizing is important. Choosing the correct size unit based on total gallon is important. If you undersize the unit, it won’t work. If you over size / overdose, the minerals won’t have room to dissolve properly. Depending on the size you are supporting you may need to add additional Booster Minerals to support the total gallons of the pool. We need the right amount of minerals in the water to reach the level where algae cannot exist. See sizing chart.

Is more PoolRx better? Can I overdose?

No, more is not better. There is a wide range for error on sizing, but Yes, you can overdose. If you add too much mineral to the water, the granular mineral won’t have room to dissolve into solution. It can stay in granular form (a blue-ish color) and it will settle to the bottom and or float around and stick to the scale turning it a blueish color. See FAQ 24: I made a mistake. How do I fix it?

Why is it important to run the pump after install?

If you don’t, the minerals will start dissolving after install. If the pump is not running, the minerals will dissolve in a concentration at the bottom of the basket, and when the pump turns on several hours later, 20,000 gallons of concentrated minerals blow through the system and into the pool, in a big plume of undissolved minerals. If this happens the minerals don’t have time to dissolve properly into solution and they can stay in granular form and stick the scale on the surface turning it a blue-ish color. There is a simple fix, we recommend Jacks Magic Blue stuff. It’s a phosphonic acid that will help dissolve the mineral off the surface and into solution. See FAQ 24: I made a mistake. How do I fix it?

I cleaned my filter before install, but noticed my pressure went up slightly after install? Is this normal?

YES! Once the minerals dissolve through the filter the pressure will drop back down. Usually takes less than a day or so depending on filter.

What type of chlorine can I use?

All types of chlorine are compatible with PoolRx. (IMPORTANT NOTE: If using Cal-Hypo granular chlorine (SHOCK), be sure to dissolve and dilute. BE SURE to dissolve each pound into a 5-gallon bucket of water before pouring in the pool slowly as you walk around deep end of pool, so it can further dilute. If you don’t, the PoolRx minerals make that particular type of chlorine so active and available, that if you just sprinkle it in, depending on your water chemistry, it can INSTANTLY OXIDIZE WHEN IT SETTLES TO BOTTOM AND TOUCHES THE SURFACE (you won’t have time to brush it up). The granular cal-hypo chlorine instantly turns black/grey. It will eventually go away after a few weeks, and there is an easy fix to clean it up sooner, but it’s totally avoidable if you just dissolve and dilute the cal-hypo before pouring in the pool. See FAQ #24: I made a mistake. How do I fix it?

Can I use bromine with PoolRx or PoolRx for Spa?

No. PoolRx is not compatible with Bromine. You may see a yellow tinge to the water or some foaming. Not dangerous, but not a good look! With PoolRx you can use so little chlorine that you will not feel it or smell it.

Can I use PoolRx with UV or Ozone?

YES! PoolRx works great with those systems. PoolRx minerals are not affected by UV or Ozone. Even better, the minerals are in solution throughout the entire body of water, preventing all types of algae and freeing up chlorine to be more available. UV and Ozone systems only oxidize the water for a few seconds. The water is then exposed to contaminants when it returns to the pool. This is where adding PoolRx to a UV or Ozone system really makes sense.

Besides PoolRx what else do I need?

All you NEED with PoolRx is balanced water in normal pool chemistry ranges, and a constant residual of least 0.5-1.0ppm of Free Chlorine. You can keep a higher ppm of chlorine if you wish. (With PoolRx you will notice it takes you less chlorine to reach your desired ppm) You will also need to run your pump long enough to circulate and filter your water at least 1.5 times a day (ideally, during the heat of the

Do I need to worry about phosphates with PoolRx?

First, we ask you a question. Do you know why you’ve been told to reduce phosphates? They answer is, because they are food for algae. That’s it.

Phosphates are simply food for algae. With PoolRx there is NO ALGAE, so it does not matter how much food is in the water. You can’t see, feel, smell or taste phosphates. Phosphates DO NOT consume your chlorine…it’s the Algae (even the micro algae) and bacteria and other contaminants that consumes (uses up) your chlorine.

With PoolRx there is NO ALGAE…there is NO MICRO ALGAE, so it does not matter how high your phosphate levels are. With PoolRx we eliminate all types of algae and by doing that, we free up the chlorine to be more available to eliminate the much easier to kill bacteria and other contaminants. With PoolRx your water can be high in phosphates, but it will be algae free and crystal clear, using less chlorine.

NOTE: If you have a salt pool, most salt chlorine generator manufactures require that you keep phosphates low. It’s believed that phosphates interfere with the electrolysis and chlorine production. They say the lower the phosphates in a salt pool, the more efficient the generator can produce chlorine. We understand if you’d like to continue adding Phosphate Remover to salt pools. PoolRx is compatible with all Phosphate Removers.

Why is PoolRx also ideal for Salt Pools?

1. The minerals are uniquely chelated, so they are safe to use in the high pH environment of a salt pool. They will not stain.

2. With PoolRx you can turn down the salt chlorine generator by 50% +/- of its previous setting. (The minerals free up the chlorine to be more active and available, so it takes less, and you can use less).

3. If you are producing less high pH chlorine, you can use less acid to balance the water.

4. There is some zinc in the mineral formulation. The zinc helps to prevent scale from attaching to the salt cell as easily, so you will won’t have to clean it as frequently.

5. Less generation, less cleaning, prolongs the life the salt cell, equipment and surfaces.

6. PoolRx minerals are always working for you in the water, even when your chlorine demands fluctuate.

What products are NOT Compatible with PoolRx.

Sodium Bromide, Bromine, Biguanides, Other Copper based products. (NO Cal-Hypo directly into the pool. MUST dissolve and dilute first. See question 15 and 24).

I made a mistake how do I fix it?

Mistake 1. I did not turn on my pump after install. I notice the blue minerals on the bottom of the pool or stuck to the surfaces. See question 13 for explanation of what happened. To Fix: Lower pH to 7.2 or less and Alk to 80 or less. After water is in this range, Use 1 quart of Jacks Magic Blue Stuff per 10,000 gallons. (for extreme cases of if you want faster results, you can 1.5x -2x the dose) Run pump 24 hours and keep water in this pH and Alk range. Within 48-72 hours the undissolved minerals will be off the surface and into solution. This solution is safe to swim in while it’s working.

Mistake 2. I did not dissolve the Cal-Hypo shock before pouring in the pool. The bottom of the pool turned black where I poured the granular Cal-Hypo Shock. See question 15 To Fix: Lower pH to 7.2 or less and Alk to 80 or less. After water is in this range, Use 1 quart of Jacks Magic Blue Stuff per 10,000 gallons. (for extreme cases or for faster results you can 1.5x -2x the dose) Run pump 24 hours and keep water in this pH and Alk range. Within 48-72 hours the oxidized Cal-Hypo will be off the surface. This solution is safe to swim in while it’s working.

Mistake 3. I let my Cyanuric Acid go above well above 100ppm and I did not keep my water in balance. I notice a purple dust on surfaces that can be brushed but keeps coming back. We understand the popularity of “Stabilized” chlorine tablets, called tri-chlor, and granular chlorine, called dichlor. These are great products, that provide highly available chlorine but understand these products are between 50- 58% CYA. This means, if you are using them on a weekly basis, you will quickly be at 100ppm or higher of CYA. High CYA is NOT a problem when using PoolRx, but you need to be sure to keep your water in balance, especially when it comes to your Alkalinity. In fact, it is the High CYA pools that PoolRx is so famous for helping…because the higher CYA goes above 50ppm, the SLOWER the chlorine works it the water. So, your chlorine may last longer with high CYA, but it kills slower. So, algae and bacteria are growing faster than the chlorine can kill them. With PoolRx we take Algae out the equation, so the slow acting chlorine is more available to eliminate the easier to kill bacteria and other contaminants. As a general rule, when your CYA is at 100ppm or above, consider your Total Alkalinity 1/3 lower than what the test reads. This means you will need to adjust Alkalinity up (with Sodium Bicarbonate / Baking Soda) based on these numbers to keep water in balance. If you don’t, your water is out of balance. Water will naturally attempt to balance itself and drop out of solution whatever is in excess in the water. When cyanuric precipitates out, it can combine with the copper minerals, forming coppercyanurate. This comes in the form of a purple dust. This can be brushed up but will not leave the pool until CYA is reduced and water is back in balance. If this happens, we recommend draining or partially draining the pool. Once the cyanuric levels are within normal ranges, and the water is in balance, the purple dust will dissolve back into the water.

Mistake 4: Overdose: Water is murky blue color and won’t clarify. (Depending on how big of a mistake you
made, will depend on what we suggest…please contact us.)

NOTE: If your water is in normal pool chemistry ranges, you have a free chlorine reading and it’s been a few days since you installed PoolRx, and you are NOT doing a Green pool clean up (see FAQ 25 for more info), but your water is still murky blue color, you may have over dosed. Double check your water balance and free chlorine before doing anything and make sure your pump and filter are working and running long enough to turn over your water 1.5 times per day. Also, if you added a PoolRx Booster to soon, the Booster minerals won’t have room to dissolve into solution and you will see them settle to the bottom or stick to the scale. For typical overdoses, drain some water out,(approximately 1-2 feet) and add fresh water so the excess minerals can dissolve into solution. If you have any excess blue minerals that stuck to scale, you have three options.

Option 1: Lower pH to 6.8 and the scale with the minerals will dissolve off the surface. (This is tough on surfaces so be careful)

Option 2: A more gentle approach that you can still swim comfortably in the water while it’s working and it’s easier on your surfaces. Lower pH to 7.2 or less and Alk to 80 or less. After water is in this range, Use 1 quart of Jacks Magic Blue Stuff per 10,000 gallons. (For extreme cases you can 1.5x -2x the dose) Run pump 24 hours and keep water in this range. Within 48-72 hours the undissolved minerals will be off the surface and into solution. (Jacks Blue Stuff is a phosphonic acid that will dissolve the minerals off the scale and into solution).‘

Option 3: To completely pull all of our minerals out of the water: Use a product called CuLator, by periodic products. It’s the only product that will physically pull our minerals out of the water. It’s a polymer bag that goes in the skimmer. It will take up to 30 days to pull all of our minerals out of the water.

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