Setting Your Pool or Spa for PoolRx+ Products

Choose the right PoolRx+ unit based on the pool or spa total gallons of water.

Start with a clean filter and set your type of filter for PoolRx+ products use. This allows the minerals to dissolve out of the PoolRx+ unit and into the body of water without getting stuck in the filter.

Place the unit in the skimmer (if there is good water flow), pump basket or floater (no tabs), in this order of priority. For DE filters, we recommend using a floater due to the risk of minerals getting caught in this type of filter.

Set chlorine levels at 2.0 ppm and pH between 7.2 and 7.4. Check and adjust daily until water clears. For faster results, run the pump 24-hrs until water clears.

After clearing a green pool, you may need to replace the minerals at approximately 4 months, due to the minerals lost with the algae kill.

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