Why is PoolRx also ideal for Salt Pools?

1. The minerals are uniquely chelated, so they are safe to use in the high pH environment of a salt pool. They will not stain.
2. With PoolRx you can turn down the salt chlorine generator by 50% +/- of its previous setting. (The minerals free up the chlorine to be more active and available, so it takes less, and you can use less).
3. If you are producing less high pH chlorine, you can use less acid to balance the water.
4. There is some zinc in the mineral formulation. The zinc helps to prevent scale from attaching to the salt cell as easily, so you will won’t have to clean it as frequently.
5. Less generation, less cleaning, prolongs the life the salt cell, equipment and surfaces.
6. PoolRx minerals are always working for you in the water, even when your chlorine demands fluctuate.