What is a PoolRx Booster?

A PoolRx booster is 8oz. of the PoolRx minerals. It can support 7.5K-20K gallons.
Booster minerals are used for the following:
1. Longer seasons (beyond 4-6 months)
2. Tough conditions (the harder the minerals work, the shorter the lifespan)
3. Green Pools (the minerals get used up from Algae kill, backwashing/filter cleanings, so you will likely need to add a booster before 6 months)
4. Larger Pools (you need to have the right amount of minerals in the water based on total gallons, so the chemistry works.) See sizing chart.

*Whether purchased as a part of a PoolRx unit or as Booster the minerals are the exact same formula and will
do the exact same thing. These minerals completely dissolve into solution within a few hours of being placed in
your skimmer or pump basket and form a residual throughout the pool water for up to 6 months. Over the 6-
month period you will lose these minerals through algae kill, filter cleanings and splash out. In order to keep the
PoolRx minerals active for up to 6 months, you must also have the PoolRx cylinder in the water. Without making
contact with the cylinder, the minerals will lose their effectiveness within 2-4 weeks of install.