Do I need to worry about phosphates with PoolRx?

First, we ask you a question. Do you know why you’ve been told to reduce phosphates? They answer is, because they are food for algae. That’s it.

Phosphates are simply food for algae. With PoolRx there is NO ALGAE, so it does not matter how much food is in the water. You can’t see, feel, smell or taste phosphates. Phosphates DO NOT consume your chlorine…it’s the Algae (even the micro algae) and bacteria and other contaminants that consumes (uses up) your chlorine.

With PoolRx there is NO ALGAE…there is NO MICRO ALGAE, so it does not matter how high your phosphate levels are. With PoolRx we eliminate all types of algae and by doing that, we free up the chlorine to be more available to eliminate the much easier to kill bacteria and other contaminants. With PoolRx your water can be high in phosphates, but it will be algae free and crystal clear, using less chlorine.

NOTE: If you have a salt pool, most salt chlorine generator manufactures require that you keep phosphates low. It’s believed that phosphates interfere with the electrolysis and chlorine production. They say the lower the phosphates in a salt pool, the more efficient the generator can produce chlorine. We understand if you’d like to continue adding Phosphate Remover to salt pools. PoolRx is compatible with all Phosphate Removers.